For many years massage has been used to provide stress relief, pain management and healing for the body, mind and spirit. Massage therapy, also known as manipulation of the body’s soft tissue, provides positive outcomes for people dealing with pain, anxiety or low level frequencies. It is a lifestyle choice that promotes feelings of wellness through a heightened sense of mind-body connection. At High Expectations Massage and Holistic Therapy in Orlando, Brooke offers several different massage modalities to suit your treatment goals.

Image by Joshua Woroniecki


Back Massage



This style of massage focuses on activating the parasympathetic nervous system so that your body can ‘rest and digest.’  Continuous soothing strokes are applied to the muscles to elongate and decrease swelling using light to medium pressure. The steady flow of rhythmic touch eases your body into a state of deep relaxation where you are able to enter a meditative mindset free of worry. Healing is now able to occur. This massage works to improve posture, decrease anxiety and release tension.
Length: 60/90 minutes

This is a therapeutic style of massage ideal for those who desire deeper work on specific areas of the body. After warming up the tissue, trigger point therapy is applied to taut bands within a muscle releasing pressure and allowing the muscle to relax. Trigger points, also known as knots, can lead to muscle weakness, stiffness and limited motion within an area of the body. This treatment is effective in relieving tension, managing pain, alleviating headaches, improving range of motion and posture, as well as increasing circulation. Deep breathing is encouraged throughout this massage.
Length: 60/90 minutes

This is a traditional art of Hawaiian healing that uses gliding forearm techniques in a soothing, rhythmic way to mimic the flow of ocean waves. This style of massage incorporates a nurturing touch that works to alleviate muscle tension and restore energy by using gentle but firm continuous strokes. During the massage you will feel a sense of peace and rejuvenation unlike any before while your body increases its blood circulation and flow of lymph to eliminate toxins. Lomi-Lomi massage uses extra oil to hydrate the skin to provide glide for the flow of techniques. It also incorporates elements of Hula dance, spiritual energy and Hawaiian music.
Length: 90 minutes

We also offer Reiki Massage Therapy.


Have tight shoulders, hips or other joints? Sports massage is ideal for individuals looking to improve muscle recovery post workout! This style of massage aims to increase range of motion and alleviate muscle tension. This treatment will target tight and tender areas by using firm pressure to stimulate muscles and connective tissue. Using fast paced strokes throughout the massage signals your nervous system to relax in order to alleviate muscle adhesions. After flushing out the muscles, you will experience an increased feeling of recovery. This treatment is great for post exercise soreness (DOMS). Assisted Stretching is also included in this massage to improve your range of motion.
Length: 60/90 minutes


Reflexology helps promote relaxation and encourages healing to areas of the body that link to reflex points. This style of massage is focused on the use of pressure directed to specific points located on the feet. Reflex points on the feet are believed to correspond to areas within our body, energetically linking up organs and glands. These vital parts become stimulated once pressure is applied to a corresponding reflex point on the foot. 
Length: 30 minutes

Luxury Spa


This massage style can be for relaxation or therapeutic purposes depending on your treatment goals. Throughout the massage, reiki will be given to the individual using light touch. Various hand placements are used to transfer reiki to the individual. Reiki will further facilitate relaxation and promote well-being from within. This energy comes from a place of love and compassion and helps guide the physical body into a state of serenity so that optimal healing may occur. 
Length: 90 minutes


Finding Your Ideal Treatment Plan

Brooke works with each client to determine which treatment modality is best suited for them. A thorough intake is done prior to each session. She uses warm towels, aromatherapy and encourages clients to focus on breathwork throughout the session.